Series 3 - 2. He's Dead, She's Dead

He's Dead, She's Dead

About this programme

2/24. Famous psychic Vivien Marchand is found dead by her daughter, and Castle and Beckett's investigation leads them to Albert Moreno, a member of an Italian-American crime family who lost all his money after seeking advice from Vivien. The situation takes a spooky turn when a package arrives at the precinct, supposedly sent by the victim on the morning of her murder, which contains a prediction of her own death.

Cast and crew


Richard Castle
Nathan Fillion
Det Kate Beckett
Stana Katic
Martha Rodgers
Susan Sullivan
Alexis Castle
Molly C Quinn
Javier Esposito
Jon Huertas
Lanie Parish
Tamala Jones
Det Kevin Ryan
Seamus Dever
Capt Roy Montgomery
Ruben Santiago-Hudson
Paula Casillas
Bess Armstrong
Marina Casillas
Mercedes Masohn
Penny Marchand
Rachel Boston
Albert Moreno
David Gianopoulos


John Terlesky
Executive Producer
Armyan Bernstein
Executive Producer
Rob Bowman
Executive Producer
Andrew W Marlowe
Executive Producer
Laurie Zaks