Series 1 - 3. Enter Mr DiMaggio

Enter Mr DiMaggio
Radio Times
Review by:
Patrick Mulkern

They’re a mucky lot, these show people. Dirty Derek (Jack Davenport) is all over Ivy like a tramp on a kipper – and now she’s worried she only got the part of Marilyn because she did the deed with the director. And Julia reveals she once had more than a “show crush” on the hunk now cast as Joe DiMaggio.

There’s little improvement after last week’s flaccid entry. The musical numbers look underfunded, and the dialogue is excruciating. Sample: philandering Jerry tells wife Eileen he’s bored with his blondes. “They all blend together. You never do.” So, she doesn’t “blend together”. That’s nice. He’s earning all the Manhattans Anjelica Huston can chuck at him.

About this programme

3/15. The producers line up Broadway star Michael Swift to take the role of Joe DiMaggio, but Julia has a very personal reason for wanting someone else to get the part instead. Karen heads back home to Iowa for a baby shower, Ivy fears she owes her success to something other than talent, and Ellis's friends think he is not getting the credit he deserves - so he concocts a plan to strengthen his position.

Cast and crew


Julia Houston
Debra Messing
Derek Wills
Jack Davenport
Michael Swift
Will Chase
Karen Cartwright
Katharine McPhee
Ivy Lynn
Megan Hilty
Eileen Rand
Anjelica Huston
Tom Levitt
Christian Borle
Dev Sundaram
Raza Jaffrey
Frank Houston
Brian d'Arcy James
Leo Houston
Emory Cohen
Ellis Boyd
Jaime Cepero
Roger Cartwright
Dylan Baker
Mrs Cartwright
Becky Ann Baker
Jerry Rand
Michael Cristofer
Phillip Spaeth
Ralph Masius
Lewis J Stadlen
Monica Swift
Michelle Federer
Artie Swift
Blake Johnson
Finnerty Steeves


Michael Mayer
Theresa Rebeck
Scott Burkhardt