Home and Away

Episode 5492

Home and Away

About this programme

Brax distances himself from Leah and in his absence VJ is caught drinking with the River Boys, pushing him to reveal the reason he is staying away. Elijah tells Marilyn about his plan to leave Summer Bay, while Liam punches Heath for making a joke about Bianca's unborn baby and discovers Eddie stole his lyrics.

Cast and crew


Darryl `Brax' Braxton
Steve Peacocke
Leah Patterson-Baker
Ada Nicodemou
VJ Patterson
Felix Dean
Elijah Johnson
Jay Laga'aia
Marilyn Chambers
Emily Symons
Liam Murphy
Axle Whitehead
Heath Braxton
Dan Ewing
Bianca Scott
Lisa Gormley
Eddie Trumper
Alan Flower


Lucy Addario