Very Important People

Series 1 - Episode 1

Very Important People
Radio Times
Review by:
Jack Seale

You can’t help being trepidatious about this new impressions show. It’s focused on the trashier end of celebrity, it stars Morgana Robinson and Terry Mynott, who received mixed reviews for The Morgana Show, and the fact that it’s a new impressions show is worrying in itself.

Much of Very Important People is indeed cheap and derivative, leaning heavily on gaps filled with swearing and, in the case of doing Brian Cox as a preening fop, jokes that were dead and gone 12 months ago. But I must admit that Robinson’s takes on Frankie Boyle, Danny Dyer and Natalie Cassidy had me spluttering merrily.

Very Important People is part of Channel 4’s Friday night knockabout lager-comedy quadruple bill, along with the new series of 8 out of 10 Cats (9pm), Alan Carr: Chatty Man (10pm) and Stand Up for the Week (11.05pm).

About this programme

1/6. Impressions show poking fun at the most beloved and scorned celebrities, as well as taking a satirical stab at popular culture. There are also topical sketches recorded during the week of transmission. In the first episode, survival expert Bear Grylls tackles the perils of suburbia, and naturalist David Attenborough examines the fascinating behaviour of comedian Frankie Boyle. With Morgana Robinson and Terry Mynott.

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Morgana Robinson
Terry Mynott


James DeFrond
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Jack Bayles