Not Going Out

Series 5 - 3. Camping

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Review by:
Alison Graham

The best lines tonight go to smashing Katy Wix as Daisy, Tim’s remorselessly stupid girlfriend. Daisy is a woolly-hatted thumb-head, a dim pixie, a clot. She thinks camping is sexist because of its terminology: “One-man tent, guy rope” and eczema is a National Park.

Daisy is at her most wide-eyed when the Not Going Out quartet head to the woods for a night spent in tents under the stars. Disaster quickly looms when Tim’s car breaks down and Lee (Lee Mack) decides to behave like a real man to impress his adored Lucy. But there’s something nasty in the woods and no one feels brave. It’s all very silly, but you will laugh, despite yourself.

About this programme

3/6. In a desperate bid to prove his manliness, the happy-go-lucky Lee embarks on a camping trip with the object of his affections Lucy, his best mate Tim and his partner Daisy, but the spooky forest where they have chosen to pitch their tents could prove a little too intimidating for him to handle. Comedy, starring Lee Mack, Tim Vine, Sally Bretton and Katy Wix.

Cast and crew


Lee Mack
Tim Vine
Sally Bretton
Katy Wix
Geoffrey Davies


Nick Wood
Executive Producer
Richard Allen-Turner
Executive Producer
Lee Mack
Executive Producer
Jon Thoday
Jamie Rix
Lee Mack

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