Grey's Anatomy

Series 8 - 19. Support System

Support System
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Review by:
Emma Sturgess

Unlike last week, there’s no lion prowling the streets of Seattle – unless you count Cristina, who needs to know more about Owen’s infidelity. There are other pressures, too; Meredith’s class of residents face exams in order to take another step up through the medical hierarchy, and Mark is made acting Chief. That’s not the sort of temporary promotion which comes without puffed-up self-importance and “professional” disputes. To cheer Teddy up, Callie and Arizona – so recently wibbly themselves – join forces with Bailey to plan a ladies’ night for her.

About this programme

19/24. The pressure is piled on the residents as they prepare for their exams. Mark steps in as chief for the day, and clashes with Richard over a patient's liver transplant, while Cristina forces Owen to reveal the intimate details of his affair. Callie, Arizona and Bailey plan a special night for Teddy.

Cast and crew


Meredith Grey
Ellen Pompeo
Derek Shepherd
Patrick Dempsey
Cristina Yang
Sandra Oh
Richard Webber
James Pickens Jr
Miranda Bailey
Chandra Wilson
Mark Sloane
Eric Dane
Lexie Grey
Chyler Leigh
Alex Karev
Justin Chambers
Callie Torres
Sara Ramirez
Owen Hunt
Kevin McKidd
Arizona Robbins
Jessica Capshaw
Jackson Avery
Jesse Williams
Teddy Altman
Kim Raver
April Kepner
Sarah Drew