Home and Away

Episode 5489

Home and Away

About this programme

Brax is released from hospital and intervenes when VJ tries to become a River Boy, thrusting him back into Leah's life. Casey and Henri rekindle their affair, but when they are nearly caught by Gina the pair realise the trouble their relationship could get them into. Marilyn and Roo try to encourage John to be a better housemate, but their intervention backfires badly.

Cast and crew


Darryl `Brax' Braxton
Steve Peacocke
VJ Patterson
Felix Dean
Leah Patterson-Baker
Ada Nicodemou
Casey Braxton
Lincoln Younes
Henrietta Brown
Emma Leonard
Gina Palmer
Sonia Todd
Marilyn Chambers
Emily Symons
Roo Stewart
Georgie Parker
John Palmer
Shane Withington


Lucy Addario