Series 3 - 10. Brutus

About this programme

10/24. A California senator and a psychiatrist are found dead - and Don is convinced the two murders are connected. Meanwhile, Larry makes an unexpected announcement, leaving Charlie dumbfounded. American drama, starring Rob Morrow.

Cast and crew


Don Eppes
Rob Morrow
Charlie Eppes
David Krumholtz
Alan Eppes
Judd Hirsch
Dr Larry Fleinhardt
Peter MacNicol
David Sinclair
Alimi Ballard
Colby Granger
Dylan Bruno
Amita Ramanujan
Navi Rawat
Megan Reeves
Diane Farr
Agent Raymond
Matt Keeslar
Carlos Costavo
David Zayas
Sam Finney
Michael Ralph
Keith Whittaker
Tom Everett
Denise Davis
Teresa Parente
Stanford Davis
Michael Piontek
Lawrence Dryden
Tom Amandes
Senator Martin Tallman
Jim Gleason


Oz Scott
Executive Producer
Ridley Scott
Executive Producer
Tony Scott
Executive Producer
Alex Gansa
Executive Producer
Barry Schindel
Executive Producer
Brooke Kennedy
Ken Sanzel

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