Harry's Law

Series 2 - 14. Les Horribles

About this programme

14/22. The lawyer represents a principal who is trying to get a girl with an anxiety disorder expelled from his school because he claims she is disrupting classes. Harry also asks DA Roseanna Remmick for help with a former client, while Tommy hopes to win an award. Drama, guest starring James Avery, with Kathy Bates.

Cast and crew


Harriet Korn
Kathy Bates
Jenna Backstrom
Brittany Snow
Malcolm Davies
Aml Ameen
Adam Branch
Nate Corddry
Tommy Jefferson
Christopher McDonald
Oliver Richard
Mark Valley
Cassie Reynolds
Karen Olivo
Fred Villings
James Avery
Maggie Buchanan
Sam Doumit
Zachary Quinn
Wilke Itzin
DA Roseanna Remmick
Jean Smart


Mike Listo
David E Kelley