Episode 4454

About this programme

Derek plans a family lunch, but Joey decides to provoke him into a fight by bringing along uninvited guests and reminding Alice of how volatile their dad's temper can be. Phil takes delivery of an old burger van, and suggests to Shirley that she should run it to take her mind off Heather's death. Lola is furious when Jay tries to defend Lucy, and Kat cannot bring herself to drop Alfie from the football team - even though it is clear his sporting days are far behind him.

Cast and crew


Derek Branning
Jamie Foreman
Joey Branning
David Witts
Alice Branning
Jasmyn Banks
Phil Mitchell
Steve McFadden
Shirley Carter
Linda Henry
Lola Pearce
Danielle Harold
Jay Mitchell
Jamie Borthwick
Lucy Beale
Hetti Bywater
Kat Moon
Jessie Wallace
Alfie Moon
Shane Richie


Jennie Darnell
Executive Producer
Bryan Kirkwood
Richard Lazarus