Walking and Talking

Series 1 - Episode 2

Radio Times
Review by:
Mark Braxton

Kathy Burke’s love letter to the 1970s is chock full of random delights, not least its surreal casting. But it’s Ami Metcalf as Burke’s younger self Kath and Aimee-Ffion Edwards as her best mate Mary who carry the show – superbly.

This week, flat-capped Kath has a run-in with Teds while listening to some ska on her tape machine, and Mary has to explain to Kath what a love bite is. An absolute joy, utterly undeserving of its tumbleweed time-slot.

About this programme

2/4. Kathy excitedly prepares to go to a secret gig at a pub, but suffers a setback when her tape recorder gets smashed. Meanwhile, Mary and Larry mark their three-week anniversary in slightly inappropriate fashion, and Pretty Nun and Angry Nun argue about actresses. Comedy based on Kathy Burke's teenage years, starring Ami Metcalf and Aimee-Ffion Edwards.

Cast and crew


Ami Metcalf
Aimee-Ffion Edwards
Angry Nun
Kathy Burke
Pretty Nun
Sean Gallagher
Jimmy the Jew
Jerry Sadowitz
Fred the Ted
Sam Palladio


Kathy Burke