Home and Away

Episode 5537

Home and Away

About this programme

Casey visits Danny in prison and Brax is unsettled to see the pair getting on - and even more unhappy when he finds out his brothers intend to go ahead with securing their dad's release. Roo finds Mel sleeping in her car and realises Lottie spent the night alone, while Liam considers moving to the city with Hayley.

Cast and crew


Casey Braxton
Lincoln Younes
Darryl `Brax' Braxton
Steve Peacocke
Danny Braxton
Andy McPhee
Roo Stewart
Georgie Parker
Melissa Gregg
Allison Cratchley
Lottie Ryan
Morgan Weaving
Liam Murphy
Axle Whitehead
Hayley O'Connor
Alyssa McClelland


Lucy Addario