Home and Away

Episode 5535

Home and Away

About this programme

April is upset with Heath for telling Sid to save the baby before Bianca, while Casey learns of plans to get Danny out of jail and tells Brax he wants to be involved. Dex breaks up with Lottie, who begs Harvey and Roo to let her live with them after an unsympathetic encounter with Mel.

Cast and crew


April Scott
Rhiannon Fish
Heath Braxton
Dan Ewing
Dr Sid Walker
Robert Mammone
Bianca Scott
Lisa Gormley
Casey Braxton
Lincoln Younes
Danny Braxton
Andy McPhee
Darryl `Brax' Braxton
Steve Peacocke
Dexter Walker
Charles Cottier
Lottie Ryan
Morgan Weaving
Harvey Ryan
Marcus Graham
Roo Stewart
Georgie Parker
Melissa Gregg
Allison Cratchley


Lucy Addario