Home and Away

Episode 5532

Home and Away

About this programme

Gina persuades Marilyn to drop the charges against Jett following the discovery of his mother's body, and he is sent to live with a foster family. Logan asks Indi to move to Hong Kong with him, but ends their relationship after realising she is still in love with Romeo. Liam catches Hayley hiding a call from Heath, prompting him to question what she is involved in.

Cast and crew


Gina Palmer
Sonia Todd
Marilyn Chambers
Emily Symons
Jett James
Will McDonald
Logan Meyer
David Berry
Indigo Walker
Samara Weaving
Romeo Smith
Luke Mitchell
Liam Murphy
Axle Whitehead
Hayley O'Connor
Alyssa McClelland
Heath Braxton
Dan Ewing


Lucy Addario