Coronation Street

Episode 7891

Radio Times
Review by:
David Brown

Remember when Leanne and Nick were love’s young dream? Ah, the hours they spent canoodling in Leanne’s bedroom with the ever-present threat of Ken crashing through the ceiling and landing on top of them. Good times. Well, we’ve come a long way since then: Leanne’s dabbled with cocaine, arson and prostitution while Nick’s got himself a whole new face. But some feelings never change and, finally, Nick makes his feelings plain to his ex-wife.

But how will Leanne react? Certainly, she’s too stunned to register the brooding glowers coming from Eva, who’s readying herself for a fiery showdown with her half-sister.

About this programme

Eva lashes out at Leanne, convinced she and Nick have been seeing each other behind her back. Sean shows his displeasure when Aiden tags along for what was supposed to be a romantic meal with Marcus, while Karl tries to keep the peace at the Rovers as Sunita's life is made hell. Hayley takes Norris and Mary to one of her salsa classes.

Cast and crew


Eva Price
Catherine Tyldesley
Leanne Barlow
Jane Danson
Nick Tilsley
Ben Price
Sean Tully
Antony Cotton
Aiden Lester
Toby Sawyer
Marcus Dent
Charlie Condou
Karl Munro
John Michie
Sunita Alahan
Shobna Gulati
Hayley Cropper
Julie Hesmondhalgh
Norris Cole
Malcolm Hebden
Mary Taylor
Patti Clare


Duncan Foster
Phil Collinson
Julie Jones