Doc Martin

Series 1 - 6. Haemophobia

About this programme

6/6. An influx of holiday-makers to Portwenn annoys Martin, and his efforts to point out the dangers of sunbathing to a scantily clad woman prove unpopular. He is also the target of a practical joke in the pub after his fear of blood becomes common knowledge, and grows closer to Louisa when one of her pupils has a serious accident that lands him in hospital. Drama, starring Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz.

Cast and crew


Dr Martin Ellingham
Martin Clunes
Louisa Glasson
Caroline Catz
PC Mark Mylow
Stewart Wright
Bert Large
Ian McNeice
Al Large
Joe Absolom
Joan Norton
Stephanie Cole
Elaine Denham
Lucy Punch
Roger Fenn
Jeff Rawle
Peter Cronk
Kurtis O'Brien
Adrian Pitts
Rupert Young


Ben Bolt
Executive Producer
Mark Crowdy
Philippa Braithwaite
Dominic Minghella

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