Gok Cooks Chinese

Series 1 - 5. Street Food

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Jane Rackham

“For the Chinese, eating on the go is an art,” says Gok Wan. Maybe, but for some Brits it’s eating with chopsticks that’s the real art – and one they struggle to master. So tucked in among Gok’s recipes for quick and easy Chinese street food is a helpful demonstration of how to manipulate your chopsticks without flicking your chicken and prawn parcel halfway across the floor or dribbling your hoisin sauce down your trousers.

Although he’s already a dab hand at cooking, Gok is always keen to learn more, and so has a hilarious lesson from a “dumpling demon from Beijing”, who knocks out 500 of the little beauties every day in her Brixton cafe.

About this programme

5/6. Gok Wan cooks traditional street food, including lamb and cucumber kebabs and tender beef noodle soup. He then heads to Brixton, south London, for a dumpling-making race with Auntie Li, who is bringing real Beijing street food to south London.

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