Series 4 - 4. The Van Gogh Job

The Van Gogh Job
Radio Times
Review by:
Mark Braxton

Here’s a wonderfully unlikely brew of missing masterpiece, wartime romance and under-threat roller-skating rink. Danny Glover guests as an old soldier who may or may not know where the vanished Van Gogh is. It may be a tall tale but it’s imaginatively told, with the scamsters enacting the flashbacks: the fact that the love affair is played out by will-they-won’t-they couple Hardison and Parker makes it all the more poignant. Simply one of the show’s finest hours.

About this programme

4/18. The team sets out to track down a lost Vincent van Gogh painting, and discovers the missing piece was at the heart of a Second World War romance between a black soldier and the white heiress he was forced to abandon. Guest starring Danny Glover.

Cast and crew


Nathan Ford
Timothy Hutton
Eliot Spencer
Christian Kane
Sophie Devereaux
Gina Bellman
Alec Hardison
Aldis Hodge
Beth Riesgraf
Charlie Lawson
Danny Glover