Series 1 - 13. Love Me or Leave Me

Love Me or Leave Me

About this programme

13/24. Dixon and Silver's relationship takes a surprising turn, and Adrianna reveals her secret to Naomi and Navid. Annie and Ethan set off on a visit to Palm Springs, and Tabitha's grandchildren receive an unexpected gift from her.

Cast and crew


Harry Wilson
Rob Estes
Debbie Wilson
Lori Loughlin
Navid Shirazi
Michael Steger
Erin Silver
Jessica Stroup
Tabitha Wilson
Jessica Walter
Ethan Ward
Dustin Milligan
Naomi Clark
AnnaLynne McCord
Dixon Wilson
Tristan Wilds
Annie Wilson
Shenae Grimes
George Evans
Kellan Lutz
Adrianna Tate-Duncan
Jessica Lowndes
Jana Kramer
Naomi's friend
Elisabeth Harnois
Hockey coach
Jessica Chaffin