Get Your House in Order

Series 1 - Episode 2

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Sylvia spends most of her time in her bedroom. She’s not ill, it’s just that the rest of her home is packed to the rafters with stuff that she’s bought over the years. Sylvia estimates she’s spent upwards of £100,000 on everything from ornamental driftwood to Christmas wrapping paper and fake flowers and she can’t bear to get rid of any of it.

Obviously Sylvia’s hoarding has deep emotional roots, but looking at the sad causes of such compulsive behaviour isn’t Get Your House in Order’s business. Oh no, it’s all about persuading Sylvia to let go of her junk — and some more valuable items — and put it up for sale. The proceeds will fund a revamp of her home.

About this programme

2/6. Nick Allen and Abigail Ahern help 59-year-old widow Sylvia Stewart sort out the excess goods of her home. A self-confessed bargain hunter, Sylvia estimates that she has spent around £100,000 on furniture and ornaments, but with her son demanding a tidy-up, she needs to raise funds to give her house a much-needed facelift.

Cast and crew


Nick Allen
Abigail Ahern


Executive Producer
David Emerson
Series Producer
Jon Connerty