Murdoch Mysteries

Series 4 - 6. Dead End Street

Dead End Street

About this programme

6/13. Murdoch realises the painting of a street scene may depict a crime in progress as it includes a man pointing a rifle. However, though the talented artist who created it has a photographic memory, she is mentally disadvantaged and unable to speak. The sleuth is certain she witnessed a murder, and tries to determine how he can assemble the facts. Drama, starring Yannick Bisson.

Cast and crew


Det William Murdoch
Yannick Bisson
Dr Julia Ogden
Helene Joy
Cons George Crabtree
Jonny Harris
Insp Thomas Brackenreid
Thomas Craig
Dr Darcy Garland
Jonathan Watton
Lydia Howland
Liisa Repo-Martell
Mrs Galbraith
Catherine Disher
Bert Howland
Adam MacDonald
Mr Galbraith
Robert Fulton
Felix Roach
Jonathan Wilson
Mrs Caruso
Jessica Greco
Mr Caruso
Matthew Deslippe
Mr Draper
Brian Sweetapple


Laurie Lynd