Series 1 - 2. The Barbecue

The Barbecue
Radio Times
Review by:
Claire Webb

There’s not an ounce of originality in this American sitcom, but it goes down like a spoonful of sugar thanks to the snappy script and chemistry between dad George and daughter Tessa. This winsome pair are staunch New Yorkers struggling to fend for themselves in conformist, curtain-twitching suburbia.

This week they’re ensnared by a nosy neighbour. George pales and squirms as he’s interrogated about his ex-wife and force-fed chocolate cake, while the teenage son pounces on Tessa in the basement. To her mortification, she likes it, leading to an agonising dilemma: can his toned torso compensate for the fact that he can barely string a sentence together?

About this programme

2/22. Tessa is horrified to realise she is attracted to her crass but handsome sporty neighbour, with whom she has nothing in common. Meanwhile, George caves in to social pressure and prepares to host a barbecue, but Noah cannot resist helping out by lending him a state-of-the-art, gas-powered grill. Comedy, starring Jane Levy and Jeremy Sisto.

Cast and crew


Tessa Altman
Jane Levy
George Altman
Jeremy Sisto
Dalia Royce
Carly Chaikin
Mr Wolfe
Rex Lee
Lisa Shay
Allie Grant
Noah Werner
Alan Tudyk
Dallas Royce
Cheryl Hines
Ryan Shay
Parker Young
Fred Shay
Chris Parnell
Sheila Shay
Ana Gasteyer
Alex Boling
Abbie Cobb
Sam Lerner
Edward Padilla
Justin Prentice


Michael Fresco
Bob Kushell