Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Series 6 - 10. Vietnam Central Highlands

Radio Times
Review by:
David Crawford

Vietnam’s Central Highlands is a place where “the past hangs in the air like mist”, according to Anthony Bourdain’s erratic narration. It’s also his favourite place on Earth. He certainly has a blast, travelling around shovelling the local delicacies into his mouth and swigging alcohol.

His uncritical eye, omnivorous mouth and irreverent attitude make for a great foodie travelogue — though even he blanches at boiled water bugs. He also squirms when a Buddhist nun — a spiritual version of Morrissey — decries all meat-eating as murder while all his favourite meat dishes flash before his eyes.

About this programme

10/25. The chef returns to Vietnam, his favourite place on Earth, and explores its Central Highlands region, where he samples dishes including beef noodle soup.

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