The Rhyme Rocket

The Rhyme Rocket
Radio Times
Review by:
Geoff Ellis

Imagine taking a trip on a spaceship and discovering
a universe of poetry and song. That’s the idea of this new series, which aims to entertain young children with funny poems and rhymes and to teach them more about words and language. Here, First Officer Ditty, Professor Poet and Commander Rhyme-a-lot blast off for Newcastle but have to avoid space junk on the way.

About this programme

After picking up a signal of rhyme activity from children in Newcastle, the team blast off on a journey through the universe of words to join them. First Officer Ditty and Professor Poet have decided to surprise Commander Rhyme-a-Lot by painting the rhyme rocket in a new colour scheme, but the commander isn't sure she wants a change. As they zoom through space they pass a poem by Stewart Henderson and have to escape a rhymehole full of space junk.