Four Rooms

Series 2 - Episode 1

Four Rooms
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

This quirky series, a brutal version of Antiques Roadshow, won a cult following on its first outing in 2011. Members of the public with treasured objects they think are worth, in some cases, small fortunes, try to get the best price from four experts in four rooms. Each expert is prepared to spend their own money, but when they make offers that are turned down, then that’s it, there’s no going back.

Fans love the schadenfreude of seeing greedy people overreach themselves and walk away with nothing. Experts Jeffrey Salmon, Andrew Lamberty and Gordon Watson return, though the splendid Emma Hawkins is replaced by interior designer Celia Sawyer.

About this programme

1/8. Dragon's Den meets Antiques Roadshow as Anita Rani invites members of the public to attempt to sell their art, antiques and collectibles to four dealers - Jeffrey Salmon, Andrew Lamberty, Gordon Watson and new face Celia Sawyer - sitting in separate rooms. Items include a chair used by author JK Rowling during the writing of Harry Potter, the original music score by Bernard Herrmann for the film Psycho, artwork by Marlon Brando, and Francis Bacon's paintbrushes.

Cast and crew


Anita Rani


Executive Producer
Claudia Lewis
Series Director
Andy Devonshire
Series Producer
Arabella Newnham