Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey

Series 1 - Episode 3

Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey
Radio Times
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David Butcher

The final episode covers the months when spring comes to the northern hemisphere, so the programme becomes a kind of Springwatch Goes Large, with Kate Humble marvelling at a melting river in Canada, a monsoon palace in India, a temple in Egypt, and so on.

The focus is on weather and the two things that drive it: the Earth’s tilt (we learn what caused it, a few billion years ago) and the simple fact that warm air rises.

There’s perhaps a shade too much explaining, but the sense of wonder at our planet’s epic good fortune comes buzzing off the screen. And look out for some beautiful cave paintings that date from a time when the Sahara had rivers.

About this programme

3/3. An examination of Earth's orbit around the sun from the March equinox to the end of June. Kate Humble visits the Arctic, where spring arrives with a bang, and Helen Czerski chases a tornado to show how the planet's angle of tilt creates extreme weather.

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Kate Humble
Helen Czerski


Arif Nurmohamed
Executive Producer
Jonathan Renouf
Arif Nurmohamed
Series Producer
Stephen Marsh