Woolly & Tig

Woolly & Tig
Radio Times
Review by:
Geoff Ellis

Tig is like most three-year-olds, full of fun but also a little anxious sometimes. Luckily, she has a special friend to help her in Woolly the toy spider. This simple drama is designed to help pre-schoolers overcome hurdles like the first day at nursery. Tig is played by Betsy McCredie with her dad Colin as her father and her aunt Jenny playing her mum. It’s narrated by her older sister, Maisie.

About this programme

Live-action children's show. Three-year-old Tig and her toy spider Woolly explore new experiences. Tig visits the dentist to have her teeth counted but when she sits in the dentist's chair, she refuses to open her mouth. Woolly encourages Tig to open her mouth wide for the dentist.