The Lying Game

Series 1 - 7. Escape from Sutton Island

Escape from Sutton Island

About this programme

7/20. Sutton is mistaken for Emma when she breaks into the clinic where her mother is being held, before coming face to face with the woman she has been searching for. Thayer's return to Phoenix causes problems for Emma, while Alec and Andy try to protect the secret of Alec's involvement in Eduardo's accident, and Laurel wants to take the next step with Justin.

Cast and crew


Emma Becker/Sutton Mercer
Alexandra Chando
Thayer Rybak
Christian Alexander
Ethan Whitehorse
Blair Redford
Ted Mercer
Andy Buckley
Kristin Mercer
Helen Slater
Laurel Mercer
Allie Gonino
Alec Rybak
Adrian Pasdar
Madeline Rybak
Alice Greczyn
Charlotte Chamberlin
Kristen Prout
Nisha Randall
Sharon Pierre-Louis
Justin Miller
Randy Wayne
Eduardo Diaz
Rick Malambri


John Scott
Executive Producer
Mark Piznarski
Executive Producer
Charles Pratt Jr
Executive Producer
Leslie Morgenstein
Executive Producer
Gina Girolamo