Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey

Series 1 - Episode 2

Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey
Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

It would be hard to put together a more spectacular primer to meteorology than this series. Ostensibly it’s about the Earth’s journey through space, but in practice the focus is on how the planet’s angle of tilt (23.4˚, fact fans) drums up our seasonal weather patterns. Unless you’re either a professor or a total geography dunce, there will be stuff here you already know (how clouds form) and stuff that is mind-expanding (what the perihelion is and what makes snowflakes fluffy). There’s also a close encounter between Kate Humble and a Chilean glacier. As her boat parts the ice strewn waters, Kate finds the perfect image: “It’s like floating in a giant gin and tonic.”

About this programme

2/3. An examination of Earth's orbit from January to the March equinox. Kate Humble gets closer to the sun than she has ever been before, while Dr Helen Czerski travels to a place where some of the biggest and fastest snowstorms occur.

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Kate Humble
Helen Czerski


Charles Colville
Executive Producer
Jonathan Renouf
Charles Colville
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Stephen Marsh