True Blood

Series 4 - 6. I Wish I Was the Moon

I Wish I Was the Moon
Radio Times
Review by:
Gill Crawford

The full moon is coming, and as we know, it drives everyone crazy. An enraged Bill seeks an extreme method to finally rid himself of Eric. Also unhappy is Pam, who’s rotting away following Marnie’s curse. As for Marnie, she may be in vampire jail, but it looks like the witch who’s possessed her has plenty of resources (not a good thing). There’s humour as Jason works out if he really has become a werepanther, but so far, this season is flailing about in a welter of confused storylines. Can someone please decide where the focus is?

About this programme

6/12. Bill suspects the witches will use the necromanced Eric as a weapon against the vampires, and asks his superiors for permission to put his old rival to death. Meanwhile, Arlene and Terry deal with a suspicious blaze at home, Sookie sets out in search of Jason under the light of the full moon, and Jesus introduces Lafayette to his grandfather in Mexico.

Cast and crew


Bill Compton
Stephen Moyer
Eric Northman
Alexander Skarsgard
Arlene Fowler
Carrie Preston
Terry Bellefleur
Todd Lowe
Sookie Stackhouse
Anna Paquin
Jason Stackhouse
Ryan Kwanten
Jesus Velasquez
Kevin Alejandro
Lafayette Reynolds
Nelsan Ellis
Sam Merlotte
Sam Trammell
Tommy Mickens
Marshall Allman