Series 1 - 8. Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis

About this programme

8/12. Harvey investigates a case of embezzlement from a charity building homes for the homeless, and is forced to work together with Louis to find the culprit. Meanwhile, Mike is asked to find out why the daughter of a natural gas company's CEO needs a fake ID, and uncovers a similar crime - but with a much more altruistic motive. Legal drama, starring Gabriel Macht and Patrick J Adams.

Cast and crew


Harvey Specter
Gabriel Macht
Mike Ross
Patrick J Adams
Louis Litt
Rick Hoffman
Rachel Zane
Meghan Markle
Sarah Rafferty
Jessica Pearson
Gina Torres
Lucille Jackson
Paula Newsome
Lola Jensen
Amanda Crew
Robert Geller
Tim Russ
Anthony Mazlo
Bruce Altman
Jerome Jensen
James Morrison
Elliot Perkins
Richard Zeppieri
Sylvia Perkins
Laura de Carteret
Herold Jakowski
Max Topplin
Robyn Thaler Hickey