Radio Times
Review by:
Geoff Ellis

Meet the Numbats, with numbers on their tummies. They don’t stay still for long thanks to the lively music that accompanies them but they do get up to all kinds of activities and always show off their numbers. They’re part of a gang of TV creatures, including Alphablocks and Adabas, designed to help little ones take early steps in learning. It’s simple and inventive.

About this programme

Numtum number one throws a party for his favourite number, juggles a delicious looking ice cream, turns cartwheels in the air in his aeroplane and helps his friends the flamingos stop ruffling their feathers and get themselves in order. Super Numtum flies in to do some super sleuthing and find the number one in the nick of time, a toy robot comes to life for a disco boogie and a skunk makes an appearance.