Murdoch Mysteries

Series 5 - 1. Murdoch of the Klondike

Murdoch of the Klondike
Radio Times
Review by:
Geoff Ellis

Appealing to all who like a well-tooled plot and clear diction, the Victorian detective returns with a special episode that sees him roaming the Yukon. You’ll recall Murdoch fleeing 1890s Toronto and now he bumps into a glamorous Jill Halfpenny in a gold-rush town.

She’s a hotel owner and a murder suspect and, although Murdoch has left the police behind, his detective instincts and propensity for wearing full make-up remain.

About this programme

1/13. The detective goes on the run and joins the Gold Rush in the Yukon territory, where he meets radical author Jack London. Drama, guest starring Aaron Ashmore (Smallville), with Yannick Bisson.

Cast and crew


Det William Murdoch
Yannick Bisson
Insp Brackenreid
Thomas Craig
Dr Julia Ogden
Helene Joy
Dr Emily Grace
Georgina Reilly
Cons George Crabtree
Jonny Harris
Cons Henry Higgins
Lachlan Murdoch
Chief Cons Giles
Nigel Bennett
Jack London
Aaron Ashmore


Laurie Lynd
Peter Mitchell