Malcolm in the Middle

Series 6 - 14. Ida Loses a Leg

Ida Loses a Leg

About this programme

14/22. Grandma Ida saves Dewey from being run over by a lorry, but badly damages her leg and has to have it amputated. Her grandson is so distressed about the accident that he decides to hold a funeral for the severed limb - but a misunderstanding at the hospital stands in the way of his plans.

Cast and crew


Malcolm Wilkerson
Frankie Muniz
Reese Wilkerson
Justin Berfield
Dewey Wilkerson
Erik Per Sullivan
Lois Wilkerson
Jane Kaczmarek
Hal Wilkerson
Bryan Cranston
Francis Wilkerson
Christopher Masterson
Stevie Kenarban
Craig Lamar Traylor
Grandma Ida
Cloris Leachman


Steve Welch
Andy Bobrow