Series 1 - 1. Like Narnia but Sexy

Radio Times
Review by:
Jack Seale

At first, this new comedy goes through the motions with a depressing lack of imagination. Its main characters — nice virgin; crass, gawky, showboating virgin; swotty PC girl who secretly loves nice virgin; posh, bright girl who’s rebelling against her parents — are archetypes from American films, unaltered. Real teens are a lot more diverse, and funny.

But the title tells you this is a set-up episode. The booze-fuelled fumble in the middle will spawn a baby. Can Pramface step up and grow up? Someone thinks so, because they’ve splashed out on Anna Chancellor and Angus Deayton as the parents at war. And the young actors are blameless. Pramface could still recover from its inauspicious start.

About this programme

1/6. Comedy following two teenagers as they prepare for impending parenthood. Scarlett Alice Johnson stars as an 18-year-old who breaks her parents' curfew to attend a sixth-form party, where she has a drunken encounter with a fellow reveller (Sean Michael Verey). However, a few weeks later Laura discovers she is pregnant and breaks the news to the father - only to discover he is just 16. With Angus Deayton and Anna Chancellor.

Cast and crew


Jamie Prince
Sean Michael Verey
Laura Derbyshire
Scarlett Alice Johnson
Mike Fenton
Dylan Edwards
Beth Mitchell
Yasmin Paige
Keith Prince
Ben Crompton
Sandra Prince
Bronagh Gallagher
Alan Derbyshire
Angus Deayton
Janet Derbyshire
Anna Chancellor
Danielle Reeves
Emer Kenny


Dan Zeff
Lucy Robinson
Chris Reddy