Cowboy Trap

Series 3 - 2. Ager

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

You’d think we’d have learnt our lessons by now, but apparently not. All around the country, people’s lives and properties have been reduced to a state of chaos thanks to cowboy workmen. Clive Holland and team return for a third series to assess the damage or unfinished work and attempt to rectify the problems.

“We’ve stories of people who have been victims of bad workmanship or work that has never been completed, with builders refusing to remedy the situation,” says Holland. “I just want to keep raising awareness of the pitfalls out there.”

About this programme

2/20. Clive Holland and his team try to repair a south London family home that has been left in a dangerous state by unscrupulous tradesmen.

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Stephen Bennett
Stephen Bennett