Malcolm in the Middle

Series 7 - 6. Secret Boyfriend

About this programme

6/22. Malcolm is paired with an attractive girl for a science project, and discovers the chemistry of mutual attraction. However, she suggests they keep their relationship secret, making him realise she is embarrassed to be seen with him. Meanwhile, Lois tells Reese to get a new job, and kicks him out of the house until he finds one.

Cast and crew


Malcolm Wilkerson
Frankie Muniz
Hal Wilkerson
Bryan Cranston
Lois Wilkerson
Jane Kaczmarek
Reese Wilkerson
Justin Berfield
Dewey Wilkerson
Erik Per Sullivan
Francis Wilkerson
Christopher Kennedy Masterson
Stevie Kenarban
Craig Lamar Traylor


Peter Lauer
Gary Murphy

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