Harry's Law

Series 2 - 5. Bad to Worse

Bad to Worse

About this programme

5/22. A biology teacher claims he was fired for failing a pupil who rejected Darwinism, leading Harry to defend him in court - which pits her against an overzealous minister. Meanwhile, Oliver helps a former flame who is accused of fraud. Drama, starring Kathy Bates and Mark Valley.

Cast and crew


Harriet Korn
Kathy Bates
Jenna Backstrom
Brittany Snow
Malcolm Davies
Aml Ameen
Tommy Jefferson
Christopher McDonald
Adam Branch
Nate Corddry
DA Roseanna Remmick
Jean Smart
Oliver Richard
Mark Valley
Cassie Reynolds
Karen Olivo
Richard Cross
Jason Alexander
Pastor Darcy
David Dean Bottrell


Thomas Carter
David E Kelley

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