One Born Every Minute

Series 3 - Episode 7

One Born Every Minute
Radio Times
Review by:
Emma Perry

One of the mums giving birth today is Charlotte, a midwife who usually works on the unit. It adds an extra dimension of emotional involvement to an already engaging programme. The colleague who has to attend the delivery is nervous about helping her friend, while Charlotte finds all her theory goes out of the window in the face of her own labour.

Talking of theory, One Born Every Minute is a curious hit, really. Who’d have thought people would want to watch endless traumatic incidents week after week? But then this is life-and-death stuff; a thriller with a very high percentage of happy endings.

About this programme

7/14. Midwife Charlotte arrives on the ward in labour, but despite her desire for a water birth with as little intervention as possible, complications force the plans to be abandoned so the baby can be monitored. Meanwhile, mother-of-two Julie prepares for the arrival of twins, but she may have to change her mind about not using pain relief when one of the babies is found to be lying breech.

Cast and crew


Executive Producer
Peter Moore
Series Director
David Brindley
Series Producer
Dominique Foster