True Blood

Series 4 - 1. She's Not There

She's Not There
Radio Times
Review by:
Gill Crawford

Tonight’s the night for the undead — and it’s not even Halloween. After Being Human, you can switch right over to see what’s been going on in vampire haven Bon Temps. Sookie’s been whisked off to the faery kingdom, where she meets her grandaddy, but on her return a lot has changed — for a start, 12 months have passed. Jason’s a proper cop, Tara’s a cage fighter, Bill’s got a fancy new job, and Eric? “Your friends all gave up on you… I never did,” he snarls, laying the gauntlet for a whole season’s-worth of sexual rivalry. Oh, and look out for Fiona Shaw, who joins the show as a witch with unknown powers.

About this programme

1/12. The supernatural drama returns, picking up the action 12 months after Russell Edgington's rampage soured relations between humans and vampires in America. All is not well in Bon Temps as the town's undead residents try to regain the trust of their mortal neighbours. Sookie's quest to discover more about her heritage yields disappointing results, and Crystal's friends turn on Jason when he tries to offer them help.

Cast and crew


Bill Compton
Stephen Moyer
Eric Northman
Alexander Skarsgard
Sookie Stackhouse
Anna Paquin
Sam Merlotte
Sam Trammell
Lafayette Reynolds
Nelsan Ellis
Tara Thornton
Rutina Wesley
Tommy Mickens
Marshall Allman
Jesus Velasquez
Kevin Alejandro
Jason Stackhouse
Ryan Kwanten
Crystal Norris
Lindsay Pulsipher
Hoyt Fortenberry
Jim Parrack
Jessica Hamby
Deborah Ann Woll
Andy Bellefleur
Chris Bauer