Body of Proof

Series 2 - 5. Point of Origin

Point of Origin

About this programme

5/20. After rescuing a semi-conscious woman from a house fire before the emergency services arrive, Peter is dismayed to learn later that there was another person who died in the blaze. Megan is annoyed that veteran arson investigator Ray Easton and his colleague Skip will not let her remove the body for examination until they have decided what started the fire. Crime drama, starring Dana Delany.

Cast and crew


Megan Hunt
Dana Delany
Kate Murphy
Jeri Ryan
Bud Morris
John Carroll Lynch
Peter Dunlop
Nicholas Bishop
Curtis Brumfield
Windell Middlebrooks
Samantha Baker
Sonja Sohn
Ethan Gross
Geoffrey Arend
Ray Easton
Terry Serpico
Aaron Tveit
Daniel Robinson
Sean Cullen
Mike Applebee
Daniel Sauli
Louisa Armstrong
Sara Botsford
Emily Robinson
Kaija Matiss
Jenna Applebee
Jessica Conlan


Nathan Hope
Bryan Oh