Series 1 - 6. Earthflight: Flying High

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

So how did they do it? No other series has brought us such a stunning bird’s-eye view of nature, but Earthflight didn’t have self-congratulatory segments at the end of each episode showing the lengths the cameramen went to. Instead here’s a whole programme revealing the film-makers’ secrets – a much better idea. But prepare to be shocked if you take a hard line on “fakery” in natural history series.

In fact, don’t watch at all, as your illusions that every creature filmed is a wild individual that happened to be passing will be ruined. We’re also promised incredible techniques with paragliders, microlights and radio-controlled drone cameras. It should be fascinating.

About this programme

6/6. Documentary revealing how the remarkable images of the series were captured over four years and in more than 40 countries. The programme gives an insight into the extraordinary techniques used to fly alongside wild vultures and infiltrate flocks of flamingos in Africa, film rescued macaws in a South American jungle and capture the moment white storks arrive in the skies over Istanbul. Last in the series.

Cast and crew


David Tennant


Series Producer
John Downer