Body of Proof

Series 2 - 15. Occupational Hazards

Occupational Hazards

About this programme

15/20. A collision between two cars takes a sinister turn when a corpse is found in the boot of one of the vehicles. The victim is identified as architect Kyle Harrison, whose supposed boss Harvey Brand reveals had been laid off a year previously. Megan and the team learn Harrison had actually been working freelance on the mansion of Teddy Gorman - and a visit there leads to the discovery of the body of a woman bricked up in a wall. Dana Delany stars.

Cast and crew


Megan Hunt
Dana Delany
Kate Murphy
Jeri Ryan
Bud Morris
John Carroll Lynch
Peter Dunlop
Nicholas Bishop
Samantha Baker
Sonja Sohn
Ethan Gross
Geoffrey Arend
Curtis Brumfield
Windell D Middlebrooks
Lacey Fleming
Mary Mouser
Harvey Brand
Jason Beghe
Teddy Gorman
Tanc Sade
Mindy Harrison
Brittany Shaw
Cab driver
Sean Kingston


Matthew Gross
Executive Producer
Christopher Murphey
Executive Producer
Matthew Gross
Executive Producer
Sunil Nayar