Series 3 - 3. Harlan Roulette

Harlan Roulette
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Radio Times
Review by:
Gill Crawford

You can enjoy Justified for its ornate language and plotting, but it sometimes throws up characters you wouldn’t want to meet if you were on your uppers. The late Mags Bennett’s affable front masked a woman not averse to poisoning anyone who crossed her. Now there’s Glen Fogle (Pruitt Taylor Vince), a pawn-shop owner who’s part of Quarles’s illegal painkiller business. His solution to being thwarted is a lethal game of Harlan roulette. Boyd, meanwhile, is consolidating his plans for controlling all criminal activity in Harlan. And the tension is ratcheted up a notch when Raylan meets the dastardly Quarles.

About this programme

3/13. A hit is ordered on Raylan as he comes up against new foe Robert Quarles. Boyd visits Limehouse in the hope of acquiring the money left behind by Mags Bennett, but he may be forced to hand over the cannabis he inherited if he is to get his hands on the cash. Meanwhile, Dickie has his own plans for his mother's money. Crime drama, starring Timothy Olyphant.

Cast and crew


Raylan Givens
Timothy Olyphant
Art Mullen
Nick Searcy
Ava Crowder
Joelle Carter
Boyd Crowder
Walton Goggins
Dickie Bennett
Jeremy Davies
Winona Hawkins
Natalie Zea
Ellstin Limehouse
Mykelti Williamson
Wade Messer
James LeGros
Robert Quarles
Neal McDonough
Mike Foy
Glen Fogle
Pruitt Taylor Vince


Jon Avnet
Executive Producer
Michael Dinner
Executive Producer
Graham Yost
Executive Producer
Carl Beverly
Executive Producer
Sarah Timberman
Executive Producer
Elmore Leonard