30 Rock

Series 6 - 3. Idiots Are People Three!

Idiots Are People Three!
Radio Times
Review by:
Claire Webb

It’s another surreal week behind the scenes of NBC. Jenna and Kenneth need to get a colleague they accidentally poisoned out of the store cupboard. Luckily, guest star Kelsey Grammer is on hand to act as a decoy: he’ll don a chimneysweep’s hat and pretend to be Abraham Lincoln.

Jack dumps Liz’s new boyfriend, but cannot trounce an old rival quite so easily. Outside, Tracy is campaigning for the rights of fellow idiots. The gags come thick and fast, and are bang on target, as always.

About this programme

3/22. Devon Banks threatens to release compromising footage of Tracy that will cast NBC in an unhealthy light, unless Jack helps him get his daughters into a prestigious pre-school. Jenna, Kenneth and Kelsey Grammer come up with an extravagant scheme to get a drug-addled Pete back to his office, and Liz weighs up her prospects with Criss while trying to put an end to the Zero Intolerance protest outside TGS. With Will Arnett, James Marsden and Denise Richards.

Cast and crew


Jack Donaghy
Alec Baldwin
Liz Lemon
Tina Fey
Tracy Jordan
Tracy Morgan
Jenna Maroney
Jane Krakowski
Kenneth Parcell
Jack McBrayer
Devon Banks
Will Arnett
James Marsden
Kelsey Grammer
Denise Richards