Body of Proof

Series 2 - 14. Cold-Blooded


About this programme

14/20. The owner of an Italian restaurant is found dead in his establishment's walk-in fridge and the victim's brother-in-law is brought in for questioning after being found cleaning blood off his shoes. He fails to understand what is going on and tells the police they should talk to the dead man if they want more information - leading Megan to believe he may well have Alzheimer's. Meanwhile, Peter finally discovers the identity of his biological father. Guest starring Robert Picardo.

Cast and crew


Megan Hunt
Dana Delany
Kate Murphy
Jeri Ryan
Bud Morris
John Carroll Lynch
Peter Dunlop
Nicholas Bishop
Samantha Baker
Sonja Sohn
Ethan Gross
Geoffrey Arend
Curtis Brumfield
Windell D Middlebrooks
Lacey Fleming
Mary Mouser
Henry Pedroni
Robert Picardo
Caren Pedroni
Kay Wilson
Anthony Pedroni
Jay Montepare
Annabelle Kip
Azita Ghanizada


Nelson McCormick
Executive Producer
Christopher Murphey
Executive Producer
Matthew Gross
Executive Producer
Sunil Nayar
Allen MacDonald