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One Born: What Happened Next?

One Born: What Happened Next?
Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

Parents-to-be often focus on the birth so much they don’t think about the next bit (which goes on rather longer than labour). And parenting is a challenge. Remember Nando and Sarah, whose baby Gino was in intensive care? The anxiety they felt then lingers on now because the nine-month-old won’t stop crying.

No such worries with Daniel, but mum Julia’s heart problem may have been aggravated by the birth, and germ-phobic dad Dean has become obsessive about cleaning. Opera singer Lucy is struggling to look after three children and dreams about returning to the stage. It’d be less stressful for everyone if she did.

About this programme

Three couples who have featured on the programme share their experiences of parenthood 12 months after they originally took part. A woman explains why it will not be easy for her partner to cope with looking after their child when she returns to work, and another couple voice their concerns about the effect that starting a family has had on their health. Meanwhile, Lucy seeks her husband's approval as she decides to resume her career as an opera singer.

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Anshu Ahuja
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Simon Dickson