The Hairy Bikers' Bakeation

Series 1 - 4. Eastern Europe

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Hairy Biker Dave Myers enjoys some connubial bliss on the Eastern European leg of the Bake-ation when he visits his wife Lili and her family in their remote Romanian village.

There’s a big party to mark the tender reunion, so Dave and Si King bake native “curly pies” for the feast, making blokey gags about “big balls” (of dough). Though Myers gets a bit teary and unexpectedly poetic at the head of the table as he talks about a “spirit of love and food and family”.

It’s an episode groaning with pastry, even the Hungarian goulash comes with scones, as the boys help to make a traditional vanilla custard slice the size of a pavement slab.

About this programme

4/8. Slovakia, Hungary and Romania mark the halfway point in Si King and Dave Myers' baking odyssey. They begin in a cafe in Bratislava, where they are served three cakes inspired by British TV cookery shows, then taste kremesh - the Hungarian version of vanilla slice. They also try a roadside snack of deep-fried pastry with sour cream and cheese, an Eastern European take on bread-and-butter pudding, and cheese and bacon savoury scones, before ending this leg of their journey with a family party thrown by Dave's Romanian wife Lil.

Cast and crew


Si King
Dave Myers


Dan Slee
Executive Producer
Gill Tierney
Series Producer
Oliver Clark