One Born Every Minute

Series 3 - Episode 14

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

I love the great big sisterhood of midwives and mums-to-be at the Leeds General Infirmary, the midwives chivvying from the sidelines. Young Michelle, 22, is expecting a baby by a now ex-boyfriend. She constantly apologises and is eventually found by her midwife, weeping quietly in the dark because she’s unsure what kind of mother she will be. As the midwife asks tenderly, “What is it that frightens you the most?” and gives her a hug of reassurance, you can see the fears melt away.

As the series ends, there’s a big parting on the maternity wing as midwife Linda Abbott retires and her colleagues gather to see her off. An update, One Born: What Happened Next?, is tomorrow at 9pm.

About this programme

14/14. Well-respected midwife Linda Abbott retires after 38 years' service and reminisces about her career, including delivering several generations of some families. Before leaving she helps with the delivery of nervous 22-year-old Michelle's baby, after the soon-to-be single mum spent a difficult night alone on the ward. Meanwhile, Lauren and Kirk prepare for the arrival of their first child. The couple had tried to have a baby for five years, and just as they were about to start medical tests they conceived naturally. Last in the series.

Cast and crew


Executive Producer
Peter Moore
Series Director
David Brindley
Series Producer
Dominique Foster

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