Series 1 - 10. The Unusual Suspects

The Unusual Suspects

About this programme

10/11. The Department of Defence suspects there is a Red Flag traitor among Rosen's team, and imprisons the doctor and his talented charges in a cell block designed to suppress their abilities. Under questioning, they discover Rosen's phone has been used to contact three scientists - all of whom have now been found dead, but were involved in the Alpha programme during the Cold War. Sci-fi drama, starring David Strathairn.

Cast and crew


Dr Lee Rosen
David Strathairn
Gary Bell
Ryan Cartwright
Cameron Hicks
Warren Christie
Rachel Pirzad
Azita Ghanizada
Nina Theroux
Laura Mennell
Bill Harken
Malik Yoba
Nathan Clay
Mahershala Ali


J Miller Tobin
Executive Producer
Jack Bender
Executive Producer
Gail Berman
Executive Producer
Lloyd Braun
Executive Producer
Michael Chamony
Executive Producer
Zak Penn